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The discussions will turn around the notion of lex sportiva, the [ I seized the opportunity and submitted mine.

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If you are interested in them, the piece is available on ssrn see here. As usual, I would welcome your comments. What is the essence of […]. In short: my main fear, shared by Gianni, is […]. Editor's note: Panagiotis Roumeliotis holds an LL. His interest lies in the realm of tax and sports law.

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Introduction The landmark Bosman Ruling triggered the Europeanization of the labour market for football players by banning nationality quotas. In turn, in conjunction with the boom in TV revenues, this led to a flourishing transfer market in which [ This time it will be bigger and better than ever. Registrations will open on Friday […]. Considerable energy has been devoted to attack and defend the consumer welfare standard on both sides of the Atlantic. There is a real perhaps growing divide in the competition law community. Now that we are at a crossroads, this divide matters.


It will mark the field for the years to come. The above said, I […].

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The provisional judgment of the Competition Appeal Tribunal in Ping is now out. Most of you will remember that the case is about the status of outright online sales bans under Article 1 TFEU. However, it departs in some crucial respects from […]. After careful re-reading, I understand how certain parts of the [ Competition is thriving in the chilling competition market. We are glad to see that apparantly there is increasing demand, and supply, for this.

A number of new […]. In addition to the intense training on fundamental and current issues, they have foreseen a series of lectures and keynote speeches. The organisers have invited me to give […]. No surprise, given that the awesome Michal Gal is the current Chair. Things are quite different for academics. I rarely ever think of the things I do as work. For better I would say or worse, it is all a blurred line. My recent trip to my beloved Buenos Aires was not an exception. On top of […]. Optimal enforcement depends on a complex balancing of incentives between enforcers, Courts, companies, lawyers, economists, politicians, journalists and other stakeholders.

This means that we often forget about the implications of certain initiatives on other sides of the market. And […]. The Ithaca Competition Summit is just a month away! There are still a few places available, and you can register until 8 August here. The programme is as stellar as last time you looked at it. You should note, in addition, […].

siomacountcatbost.cf My latest article has just been published online by the Journal of Law and Society. It is available open access here. The article stems from a conference organised by Jiri Priban from Cardiff University on Gunther Teubner's idea of societal constitutionalism applied to transnational regimes. My role was to test whether his descriptive and normative framework was readily applicable to the lex sportiva, and in particular its overarching "constitutional" text: the Olympic Charter. As you will see my conclusion is mixed.

However, while I document some inception of limitative constitutional rules, such as the [ The stakes in the case are so high that the outcome was known well in advance. The only open question related to the amount of the fine. But even then, it looked like a given that it would be the […].

The T. Asser Instituut offers post-graduate students the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of international and European sports law.

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Asser Instituut, located in The Hague, is an inter-university research institute specialized in international and European law. What we offer: The internship will provide a well-rounded experience and insight into the role and functioning of international sports law. Under the direction and guidance of a dedicated supervisor, the intern will be considered a full member of our research team and will be expected to contribute in a variety of projects, [ Here is what we can tell you for now: -It took us a while to settle on a venue because Pablo mocks my ambitions; the picture above corresponds to a real recent Whatsapp conversation regarding possible venues.

His counterproposal reveals how seriously […]. Please click here to sign up! But please sign up to the waitlist if you are interested in attending! Thanks everybody for the interest! We look forward to seeing many of our readers in […]. You can […]. You can verify this yourselves; just click here.

Anyone working in this field should read the book this includes me, btw, as I miserably failed to read the proofs on time! Nowhere else will you find such a thoughful […]. Billions of people around the world follow the matches with much enthusiasm and support.

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For the time being, it almost seems forgotten that in the final weeks leading up to the events, critical [ The U. It is available here. This is likely to be the most discussed antitrust opinion in the decade. The lesson in a nutshell. Showing an apparent restriction on one side of a multi-sided platform is not sufficient to meet the burden of establishing […]. For many reasons, has been an eventful year. For the two of us. Some of these reasons are professional.

You will not be surprised if I told you that I am immensely proud to have been promoted to a chair at LSE. The organisers managed to put together a great and fun line-up. He shared his personal views on the notion of restriction by […].

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Other stuff on our plate has prevented us from commenting on many of the competition law developments that took place in the past few weeks. But we know you are hungry for commentary. And with these debates, commentators seek to identify what distinguishes the various stances regarding the purpose and intensity of intervention. Most of these discussions relate to the goals of competition law, that is, about whether the discipline should be about the protection of consumer […].

Like many platforms, this one seeks to leverage network effects. As it often happens, the goal […]. The Ping case was decided last year by the CMA. It has made the headlines again following the challenge brought against the decision. I well, the two of us have followed the case with a lot of interest and it is perhaps the time to say a word about it. Alfonso will address the procedural […]. I have spent quite a bit of time examining this question and related ones […]. And for some of us it feels like yesterday when the first one was announced… To mark the occasion, the event, devoted to Brexit and its implications for EU Competition, will be a tad longer than usual.

It […]. Click here for more info and to register. And to finish off this is Round 4.