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OMG those things are tiring. There are a lot of things that can make you happy without being expensive. How about finding joy in that? Do things one at a time. We often tend to cram a lot into a day. I know I do. Which does end up being stressful to some extent. And sometimes we underestimate how long things make take. Especially for women, we try to multitask. It does not really help in the long run. Take time to breathe. In the ArtofBusy, I showed how much sometimes a day takes a toll on me.

It does challenge me a lot. Yet as those around us see us becoming more real and honest with them, many will also be inspired to be more real and honest with us. Thus, instead of continually avoiding or denying those clouds or dark layers in both ourselves and others, we open to a deeper, more authentic way of living and relating with others. As these hidden parts of ourselves are accepted and forgiven, they become increasingly lighter.

What is Simplicity?

Life gradually becomes fuller and more free as we no longer have to expend so much energy in supporting a mask or persona. Like that insightful middle-aged man, we are more able to accept and enjoy who we are right now, with all our strengths and weaknesses.

Acceptance and Compassion for Others. As you develop greater acceptance and compassion for yourself, you will notice that others, too, have many layers clouding their divine essence. In trying to survive in this world, they too have lost touch with who they really are.

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There is darkness and light, good and bad in all of us. Consider, too, the possibility that all of us are doing what we believe to be right based upon our beliefs, circumstances, and upbringing. As you work to accept and find compassion for yourself, it is most important that you choose also to give this gift to those around you.

I will do my best to accept and find compassion for myself and all around me. The Serenity Prayer sums it up beautifully:.

Acceptance of what is, coupled with compassion and discerning what we can change and what we cannot, allows us to find the courage to be all that we can be, and to empower others in doing the same. I will do my best to choose what's best, and to open to divine guidance as I strive to accept and find compassion for myself and all around me. Through cultivating acceptance and compassion for both our bright inner essence and the dark layers which cloud that divine essence, we naturally open to expressing the final simple key — love and empowerment.

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Loving and Empowering Me. Let me start with myself. I will do my best to love myself and to empower myself to be the best I can be today and every day of my life.

SIMPLE LIVING - 5 Things I Don't Do Since Simplifying My Life

By making this commitment to yourself, to your own personal growth, it becomes easier to love and empower those around you. Now let us move to others. But do you really want to give this gift to all other people?

Simply + Fiercely | Minimalist Lifestyle + Intentional Living

Can you really love and empower everyone around you? What if you really don't like someone? When you feel a dislike towards a person, remind yourself that it is usually the personality that you don't like — the mask or dark clouds blocking their deeper essence.

You can recognize that beneath the mask, beneath those dark clouds in everyone is a shining divine essence, no matter how hidden or obscured it may be. While acknowledging those parts you don't like, do your best to find love and support for the shining being hidden beneath all the clouds, beneath the mask or personality that you don't like.

You can choose to love and empower the divine spark within all. I will love and empower all to be the best that we can be. Negative Judgment. A common distraction from the intention to love and empower is negative judgment.

The one key ingredient for living a simpler life | The Art of Simple

No matter how negative a person's actions or behavior might be, judging someone to be bad as a person does not empower or inspire anyone to be a better person. When you find yourself feeling negative judgment, first acknowledge and have compassion for the part of you that wants to judge — the part that wants to be right and better than others. Remind yourself that we all have our faults and weaknesses.

Do your best to understand and learn from your judgment. Then let it go. Open to finding first acceptance, and then compassion and love both for you and for the person you judged. Choose to let your last thought always be that of love. In doing this, you can powerfully transform judgment into love and empowerment.

What if you see someone doing something that is clearly wrong or that causes harm? In this case, you can be firm and take whatever action you feel is best to stop harm. Enforcing a serious consequence with someone who has acted out of extreme self-interest at the expense of others may be the most loving, empowering action you can take.

Yet even as you take firm action, see if you can find compassion for what brought the person to do this. Open to seeing their inner clouds. Then choose to look beyond those clouds, beyond the inner turmoil that causes people to do harm. In this way, you can act from a place of love and support for their deeper essence, even while firmly stopping a person from doing wrong or causing harm. Through choosing to see beneath all of the pain, suffering, and hatred, and to recognize and connect with the divine essence within even those who would do us harm, not only do we heal the world, we heal ourselves.

Simple Living: 7 Ways to Live Simpler in a Modern World

Imagine for a moment a world where all people truly did their best to love and empower each other. Imagine if a significant number of the people on this planet truly did their best to live by these simple keys to life or similar ideals. You can choose to become one of those people right now. You can choose to make your life and our world a better place. It is fully possible. There are people of all races, religions, and beliefs around the globe already committed to living by these or similar ideals.

Let us then choose with an open mind and an open heart to add to their numbers. Let us choose every day of our lives to do our best to love and empower ourselves and all in our lives to be the very best we can be. Afterthought — Simple Keys to a Fuller Life. Divine Guidance. Simple Keys, Yet Powerful Keys.

By remembering and living these simple keys to life as you move through each day, your life is bound to grow richer and fuller. You can start each day by recommitting yourself to these keys.